Isla Marie {3.16.19}

We welcomed sweet Isla Marie on March 16th and she has been the perfect addition to our family. I had complications with the epidural with Christian (required visits to a neurologist and physical therapist for an entire year) so I was determined to deliver this baby completely naturally. I was in early labor for over a week but even at 6 cm I didn't feel like my body was ready to deliver. My water broke at home around 3:30pm on the 16th and by 3:58 we were checking in at the hospital (the front desk closed at 4 so we hustled to make the cut-off!). Isla arrived fast and furiously at 7:44pm. Thank God it was quick because that pain was crazy intense!

These last three months have been a dream! It's incredible to have a daughter. It's seriously supernatural to love another human being as much as I love Christian, and the way Christian and Isla love each other already just melts me. I'm so excited to see their relationship develop as they grow. Here are some photo highlights of the last 3 months...

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