Hi! I'm Amanda.

I've never done a "get to know me" post here or on Instagram so here goes...I'm Amanda:) I have lived all over the US and traveled all over the world. I was a flight attendant for 7 years before becoming a mom and professional photographer. I met my hubby on a flight to SanFrancisco in 2011 and after he stalked me on FB we eventually fell in love (in 2013)😜 We got married in 2014 at the Cardella Winery (an absolutely gorgeous alternative to our Italian elopement plans). In 2017 we had our first baby, Christian, and we just welcomed our second baby, Isla, to our family a few months ago. Okay, I guess they would be our 2nd and 3rd because Gatsby (our Labradoodle) was our first baby😉 Other random facts- I use emojis as punctuation. I do photoshoots with my kids weekly. I kiss my babies like 300 x's a day. I eat a ridiculous amount of PB. I'm an enneagram 7w9. Peach-Pear La Croix is my (non-alcoholic) drink of choice. I love decorating. We go to The Well (such a wonderful church!). My toddler is having a melt down as I type this🙈 k, here are some pics from the last like 5 years...enjoy!

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