Baby Axel {Newborn/Lifestyle}

I love lifestyle sessions. When I first started out on this photography venture, my moto was "just say yes" everything. Bday parties, quinceañeras, glamour shots (hehe, yup.), pet portraits.."Do I do Asian Hand Model Photography? Well, yes I do. :]" As I've had the opportunity to experience different genres of photography, I've learned what I love most. Lately I'm all about the Lifestyle Sessions. There is something so beautiful about going to a family's home and capturing them in their natural element. Adding a newborn to that scene creates something extra special.

Baby Axel was just 9 days old when I took these photos and it was so sweet to witness his little family adjusting to the newness. I have a whole new love for these kind of sessions because my newborn is turning 6 months old in a few days (how did that happen so fast??). I love looking at pictures we took in those first few weeks {even if I looked like a zombie and my house was always a mess}. My experience as a new mama has made me so much more aware of the details.. like a side table filled with baby mittens, nipple cream, and a Costco sized bottle of hand sanitizer. Sarah and Aaron, I hope you are able to look back on the details and smile..or just straight laugh out loud at Gibbson's picture perfect poses. Congratulations, you guys! Axel is absolutely perfect.

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