When you go two years without seeing your BFF, a reunion in San Diego is kind of a must. There were so many great photo ops in this beautiful city! Lindsee was a trouper modeling on demand everywhere we went. Love you, Linds! ;-*

It was such a blast to stay with the Tenerys! We've all known each other since we were teenagers so it was a JOY to stay up into the early hours of the morning laughing, reminiscing, and catching up on life. And I just LOVE their kiddos! Thank you for being amazing hosts, Kyle and Maria!!!

My Grandma was celebrating her 86th bday in SD so we got to have a birthday brunch with her, my Aunt and my cousins! I took her 86 Year Old portraits because that's just necessary, ya know? ;) She's still as fabulous as ever!

And then there's the baby bump! I had to take advantage of the beach backdrop for my 20 week bump shots!

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